Kevin takes his 5th wheel on a road trip ….

Kevin, our first born, also has an RV.  Actually, he is on his second RV; his first one was the original Ark (the 33 foot National Seabreeze).  He now has a 30 foot long Excel 5th wheel, which he acquired a few years ago.  He tows it with his big-ol’ big ol’ diesel pickup truck.  Often he tows his off roading toy behind it.  Now, Kevin doesn’t ‘travel’ with his 5th wheel.  As our RV is dubbed the Ark, his 5th wheel is dubbed the ‘Base Camp’ for his  off roading  activities with his friends.   Here is what a typical campsite of Kevin’s looks like when he uses his Base Camp for his outdoor fun.



So, when Kevin decided to tow Base Camp down to Houston for a visit with us, it would be the first time he had actually parked his RV in an RV park with hookups and designated sites for any length of time.  He made the 1050 mile drive from his place north of Denver and arrived in Houston on Monday,  March 27.

houston 2017 april kevin visit 13houston 2017 april kevin visit 12

His visit coincided with the insertion of David’s PICC line and his first chemo infusion.  It was good to have some family here, and we hadn’t seen Kevin since we left Colorado for Houston in January.  We spent the week (aside from hospital appointments) just hanging out.  He had brought some antelope from his freezer, and we had antelope tacos for dinner one night.  He also brought some of our mail that had slipped through the mail forwarding order.  Kevin had gone thru his movie collection and brought a bunch for us to browse thru and keep here for future movie nights.  Also,  he  hung a paper towel holder for us in the bathroom for me to use when washing and drying my hands before flushing David’s PICC line each day.  We were glad to have someone here to just throw it up for us quickly as it is an important part of the evening ritual.

One of the fun things we did was take Kevin over to the local Honda dealer, where we had gone the week before to look at a 2014 Honda CRV AWD.  David has been researching tow vehicles for a couple of years, and it is getting harder and harder to find something that can be towed 4 down.  There are certain things that we want our tow vehicle to be able to do, and the CRV AWD was the only vehicle that fit the criteria.  2014 is the last year that the CRV had a towable transmission, so that was what we had been casually looking for.  David had found this particular one close by while doing his routine internet cruise,  so we went and looked at it – even test drove it.  Liked it,  but they were asking high dollar and were disinclined to negotiate.  They were not aware, of course, that they were trying to negotiate with a former salesman who thinks that lowballing is the way to begin any negotiation, so they never really had a chance Winking smile.  They still had not sold it when Kevin was here the following week, so we took him over to see and drive it.  We even made a written offer to them while we were there, but they still didn’t realize just who they were up against.  So we left the dealership figuring that this car was not in our future. There would be another one somewhere, sometime.   But it  was a bit of entertainment while Kevin was here.

Because David had his first chemo on Wednesday of that week, we laid pretty low after that.  Mainly just sat around either at Ark or at Base Camp.  One evening, we watched a movie at Base Camp and were once again reminded of how comfortable a 5th wheel is to live in.  Meanwhile, Kevin was learning all kinds of little things about spending extended time in his RV.  Things he had never done much of that come up only when you spend several days in your unit and use everything in it……microwave, air conditioner, tv, fans, etc etc etc.

David did pretty well with his first chemo, so by the weekend he felt comfortable getting out and about a little.   So we decided to go somewhere for lunch after Mass on Sunday that we had found out about from one of David’s physical therapists…..a  Polish restaurant and food store.  Sounded like a fun thing to try, so off we went.  The restaurant did not open until 11:00, and the food store opened at 10:00.  So after 9:00 Mass was over, we headed to the store to browse around until the restaurant opened.  What fun !!

houston 2017 april kevin visit 5houston 2017 april kevin visit 8

The labels on all  of the items in the food store were in Polish (imagine that Smile).  There was a frozen food section, and among the yummy stuff we saw were several varieties of frozen pierogis.  Now, store bought frozen will never top home made, but if you have no home made pierogis and no prospects for making any, then frozen is the way to go.  Sadly, we had no room in our freezer, so we left the food store empty handed Sad smile.  Ah, but the restaurant had opened, so in we went.  We were each handed menus, and everything was in Polish (are we sensing a pattern here ?)  The waiter and waitress, as well as the cashier in the food store all spoke Polish.  Turns out many (if not all) of them are from Poland.   It was hard to decide what to choose (based on the pictures, since none of us speak or read Polish), but in the end, we all chose something that was absolutely delicious.

Kevin ordered Pyzy.  houston 2017 april kevin visit 7 kevin meal

David ordered Potato Pancakes Goral Style.  houston 2017 april kevin visit 4 david meal

I ordered Golabki.  It wasn’t as good as my mother in law’s, but it was tasty nonetheless.  houston 2017 april kevin visit 6 clara meal

It was a fun place to go, and we’ll surely go back there again.

Well, Kevin had to head back to Colorado on Monday, April 3, so we helped him get his stuff gathered – not because he needed the help, but because we just wanted to hang out with him for a few more minutes.  By prior arrangement, Kevin was taking 2 of our bicycles back with him.  It had become obvious that we were not going to need our road bikes and our mountain bikes, so Kevin was able to transport our road bikes  back to the Kevin ranch.  It was a good visit, and we were so happy that Kevin had been able to make the trip down here.

houston 2017 april kevin visit 1houston 2017 april kevin visit 2houston 2017 april kevin visit 3


One thought on “Kevin takes his 5th wheel on a road trip ….

  1. I am glad I could come down. Hope to make the trip again in the late summer of maybe better yet fall. (I only have one AC on the 5th wheel.) It was nice to see the camp ground, general area, and MD Anderson. The Polish Restaurant was cool.

     photo P1010242_zpsggifqf9w.jpg
    Here’s another Picture of Base Camp in its natural habitat.


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